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Coupling is a device that used to joint two shafts and allow it to transmit. Flexible gear coupling is used to joint two shafts and transmit the torques.

We dhara industries are in the business of flexible gear coupling manufacturing and exorting since 1993.

Gear couplings basically belong to the category of flexible couplings which are capable of transmitting very high torques. Gear engineering plays a major role and utilizes the advantages of gear coupling. In Practical application, the coupling is a complete gear assembly.

Gear couplings are mechanical devices that are used to join transmit between the two non-collinear shafts. Gear couplings consist of flexible joints that are fixed with each of the shafts. The two joints of the gear coupling are connected with the third shaft called the spindle. Each joint of the gear coupling consist of one to one gear ratio of internal or external gear pair. Gear couplings are available in two varieties flanged sleeve and continuous sleeve. We are the leading gear coupling manufacturer and supplier in India. With the wide expertise, we produce and provide a massive assortment of gear coupling as per the valued industrial requirements of clients. Clients get the viable experience by choosing the gear couplings fabricated by Dhara Industries. Gear couplings are structured using modern tools and techniques. We offer gear couplings that bear a smooth finish and are easy to install, operate and maintain. Gear couplings are robustly constructed to offer stable performances all across the life span. Gear couplings are engineered by highly qualified experts such that they are available to optimally utilize the machinery these are installed. Gear couplings are applicable in almost all types of transmission drives such as automobile industries and many others.

Gear Coupling Types :

  • Full Gear Coupling  (full flexible coupling)
  • Half Gear Coupling  (half flexible coupling)
  • Rigid type coupling
Gear Coupling Suppliers in India
Gear Coupling Manufacturer

Full Gear Coupling Manufacturer

Full gear coupling is engineered such that it has a toothed hub that is fixed on both the shafts and sleeves. Full gear couplings have higher torque capacities. Full gear couplings are having a high power-to-weight ratio. Full gear couplings accommodate angular, parallel, and axial misalignments and are viably influential in cross travel and long travel line shaft drives. Full gear couplings are mechanized with modern tools and equipment. Our efficient engineers have utilized high-grade stainless steel in the fabrication of full gear couplings. Full gear couplings are having a smooth finish and texture they are influential in optimizing the mechanical frameworks they are complied with. Full gear couplings are highly prioritized for the properties these offer to the user. Full gear couplings are having high torque capacities and are instrumental in offering uninterrupted service all through their service life. Full gear couplings are quality tested and are as per the universal quality standards. Full gear coupling are designed such that they has higher durability and maximum workability features. Modern methods are implemented during the fabrication process of a full gear coupling.

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Half Gear Coupling Manufacturer

Half gear couplings are designed such that these are vital in various mechanical sectors as these couplings have extensive applications in steel plants, cranes, conveyors, rolling mills, paper factories, rubber industry, sugar industry, thermal powerhouses, etc. A half gear coupling is having a toothed hub on the drive shaft along with an internally geared sleeve and the drive shaft has a rigid hub. The rigid hub of the half gear coupling is bolted to the sleeve of the driven shaft. We offer a massive assortment of half gear coupling as per the definite industrial requirements of clients. Half gear couplings are structured with a smooth finish and texture. Our efficient and highly experienced engineers have substantially created the best range of half gear couplings in the desired model, shape, and size. A half gear coupling is rigid in offering flawless performances. Our experts have vitalized qualified raw materials in the framing process of half gear couplings. The presence of a high-grade stainless structure of the half gear coupling enables it to offer heavy resistance to corrosion and wear-tear. Half gear couplings are highly durable and excellently workable without any flaws. We use modern technology measures for the fabrication of top-rated couplings that are unmatched in the market.  We deliver these on a large scale and in the assured time frame.

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