Muff Coupling Manufacturer

Muff couplings are rigid type couplings that are used to maintain the torque between the shafts. These allow rotational movements of the machinery without any flaws. Muff couplings consist of a hollow cylinder whose inner diameter is same as shaft. Muff couplings are fitted over the ends of the two shafts by means of the head keys. The power of the shaft is transmitted from one shaft to the other by means of key, sleeve or muff. Muff couplings are used to connect two shafts that are which are perfectly in axial alignment for transmitting power. We have sufficiently designed muff couplings with perfection. Muff coupling consist of several threaded holes to allow the sides of the shafts that can be joined to the steel bolts or studs. The main feature of the muff coupling is that it can be dismantled or assembled easily without propagating the shafts. Muff couplings are designed using modern technology measures and we present an assorted range of muff coupling as per consumer requisites.

Muff Coupling Manufacturer in India

We are the leading muff coupling manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Gujarat. Muff couplings are fabricated using top rated raw materials that add to the maximum working capabilities of these couplings. Our range of muff couplings is highly prioritized due to their longevity of life cycles and working capabilities.

Muff coupling is type of rigid coupling in the shape of cylinder.

Material : Cast iron , cast steel , mild steel

Muff coupling is mainly used for joining the two shaft.

Muff Couplings Manufacturers in india
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