Nylon Gear Coupling Manufacturer

We manufacture and provide this Nylon Gear Couplings to the varied textile, paper, automobile and food processing industries from worldwide. Our specialists create these nylon couplings by making utilization of outstanding quality resources and the latest methods so it’s profoundly adaptable in nature and guarantee high sturdiness with totally solid nature and these couplings are available in various volumes from us.

Nylon couplings have two steel hubs that have a compact structure and no lubrication is required for hassle free operation. Nylon coupling operate over the max temperature range of speeds up to 5000 RPM. These couplings are utilized for applications in various transmission industries such as generator sets, motor sets, pump sets, and many lights to medium duty industrial coupling applications. Nylon couplings are resilient type couplings that allow frictionless contact with the hubs and sleeve. These couplings are applied to places where the slip-together components offer easy inspection and adjustment as these couplings do not acquire any lubrication to purposely use them in vertical and blind assembly applications. Nylon Gear Couplings are engineered with high-grade raw materials to offer uninterrupted service throughout the service life. Nylon couplings comprise precision-molded sleeves and hubs with no bolts, pins, flanges, and protrusions to affect safety and balance. These couplings are highly recommended in various power transmission applications. We use modern tools and techniques for the production of top-rated nylon couplings. Our range is highly demanded among consumers for the long-lasting service these couplings offer.


Nylon Gear Coupling
ORDERING GDE M 19 M 28 M 38 M 48 M 65
A 54 81 84 110 144
B 48 66 85 100 140
C 37 46 48 53 72
D 30 44 58 65 96
E 8.5 17 18 29 39
F 25 40 40 54 70
G Pilot bore dia 10 13 15 17 20
Nylon Gear Coupling,Nylon Sleeve Coupling Manufacturer in Ahmedabad,India

Nylon Sleeve Coupling Manufacturer & Exporters In India

We are the leading manufacturers of nylon sleeve couplings in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We produce and provide a massive assortment of nylon sleeve coupling as per consumer requirements. Our firm is equipped with modern tools and equipment that we use in the manufacturing process of top-grade nylon sleeve couplings. We offer a customized range of nylon sleeve couplings as per consumer industrial requirements. Nylon sleeve coupling is utilized in a variety of applications such as power transmission industries such as automobile industry applications in motor sets, generator sets, pumps sets, and various others. Nylon sleeve coupling comprises two Steel Gear hubs engaging in a sleeve of high-grade engineering plastic material of superior strength and high-temperature resistance. These couplings are influential in preventing axial misalignments. These couplings are framed using high-grade stainless steel materials that prevent corrosion and wear-tear. Nylon sleeve coupling offers noise-free operation throughout their life span. Nylon sleeve coupling is easy to install, operate and maintain. These couplings require minimal maintenances for optimizing the mechanical frameworks of the industries in which these are involved. We have rated on top for the best quality non-breakable couplings that are unmatched in the market.

Nylon Sleeve Manufacturer in India
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