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RRL couplings are power transmission couplings that are used in motion control applications and are sufficiently designed to offer high torque connecting the two shafts. These are applicable in various mechanisms to prevent them from misalignment. RRL couplings are designed to work effectively in huge mechanical power transmission drives. RRL couplings comprise three parts such as two metallic hubs and an elastomer. These three parts are fixed together with each of the jaw hubs that are installed alternatively with the lobes of the couplings. RRL coupling transmits torque through the elastomer lobes in compression. RRL couplings are a type of flexible couplings used in many mechanical drives. We are notable suppliers of RRL coupling in Gujarat. We used modern technology measures in the fabrication process of RRL couplings. These are robustly constructed to ensure stable performances all through the life span. We have vitalized high-grade raw materials in the framing process that adds to the maximum working capacities of these couplings. RRL couplings are the best in preventing misalignment. These couplings are the best for maintaining high torques. We offer a massive assortment of RRL couplings as per consumer requirements.

Spacer coupling with easy to remove snap design.

  • Suitable for back pull out design pumps. Spacer of Aluminum to reduce load on the extended shafts.
  • Can take larger mis - alignments because of two flexible membranes.
1 Coupling Hub Cast Iron ( GG 20 )
2 Spacer Aluminium ( LM4 )
3 Snap / External Spider Nitrile Rubber
4 Retainer Ring MS
5 Set Screw MS
RRL couplings Manufacturer in Ahmedabad
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