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RRS coupling is specifically designed to present the torque between the shafts of the power transmitter. RRS couplings have easy elastomer installation and are structured with universal quality standards. RRS couplings are high-grade raw materials such as glass-reinforced plastic, cast iron, or aluminum. These couplings are types of removable spacer couplings. RRS couplings have center drop out to enable proper shaft separation. RRS couplings are designed with a smooth finish and texture to prevent misalignment of the shafts. RRS couplings are robustly constructed to offer smooth performances all through their life cycle. We have considered the present and future requirements of power transmission industries and have specifically designed RRS couplings as per the trendy conveniences of the client industry. Clients highly prioritize our offerings for RRS couplings due to their long-time affectivity and high torque maintaining capacities. We are notable suppliers of RRS couplings in India. The quality of RRS couplings we provide is unmatched by competitors. We offer RRS couplings at highly economical rates and can customize the range as per consumer industrial conveniences.

  • Spacer coupling with star / spider design.
  • Recommended specially for back pull out pumps & when the distance between shafts is more than the standard.
  • Easy replacement of spider without removing equipment from base. Thus less down time. H. T. fasteners used.
  • Capacity up to 24 kg-m of torque.
  • Available in various spacer lengths of 75,90,100,135,140,180 mm.
  • Also recommended where disconnection of driver & driven is required.
1 Spacer Cast Iron ( GG 20 )
2 Bush / Hub Cast Iron ( GG 20 )
3 Star / Spider Nitrile Rubber
4 Hex / Bolt High Tensile Alloy steel
(with spring washer )
Star Coupling Exporter in India
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